Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I recommend listening to Sir Elton John whilst reading.

I went to Daddy today and I said to Daddy:
Daddy I went outside and caught two butterflies in the back yard.
I have two butterflies now Daddy.
I was proud.

One was pretty and all yellow and brown just like this one.
The other one was pretty and blue.
They were both in pickle jars.
I was happy
because now I had
two pet butterflies.

I said:
They're beautiful.
I love beautiful butterflies.
There are so many different kinds of beautiful butterflies.
They all look so different,
but they're all so beautiful, Daddy.

I said to Daddy:
See Daddy, there's my yellow butterfly.
In my jar.
Daddy said:
Why don't you open the jar, and then tell me that you have a butterfly?
I said:
But Daddy, she'll fly out and get away.
Daddy said:
Do it for me. You have two butterflies.
Open this jar and then tell me you have a yellow butterfly.

My butterflies were so beautiful, I was afraid to let them go.
I thought if I opened the jar they'd get away.
But I did it!
I opened the jar of my yellow butterfly!
I was so scared!

When I opened the jar, my yellow butterfly immediately
flew out of my jar and flew
high, high, high
far, far
forever, I thought.
I started to cry.
Daddy asked me:
Now, do you want to tell me you have a butterfly?
I said:
No, Daddy.
I never had the yellow butterfly.
She was my prisoner and she wanted to be free.
I'm so sorry.
I want to tell her I'm sorry.
Daddy said:
You can.
I asked:
He said:
Open the other jar with the blue butterfly.
I smiled a big smile.

When I opened the other jar the blue butterfly flew
high, high, high,
far, far
But not too far.
In the distance
I saw the yellow butterfly in a
flower garden.
The pretty blue butterfly
flew there, too.
They played together in the garden
and now Daddy said:
Now you have a couple of butterflies.
And Daddy and I hugged and hugged.
The End.
For now.


  1. Butterflies are free to fly, fly away, bye, bye.... Sir Elton John.